About Us

Al Siyabi Developments, stands out as a major player in Oman with its companies; in the real estate development sector with Al Siyabi International Group, in the construction sector with Allied Business Corporation and Yonar International, in architecture, engineering & consultancy sector with Amro Consultancy, in property management and consultancy services with Allied Real Estate, in tourism, food & beverage sector with Falcon for Tourism Investment, in car rental services sector with Advance Branded Cars.

Al Siyabi Developments continues its efforts with a view to add permanent value to people’s life in every sector and geography it operates through its entrepreneurialism, rational strategies, importance it places on inclusion and diversity, and innovative and sustainable business models, as well as its investments in technology and human resources.

Since its founding, the company has continuously broadened its focus through new subsidiaries; thanks to years of entrepreneurism and constant innovation, it has evolved into an industrially diversified group of companies as well as one of the fastest-growing Oman groups. Its business structure ensures passionate motivation for sustainable growth as well as quick and sound decision-making capabilities.

One of the top business groups in Oman with a robust management structure, a strong human resources base and a commitment to transparency policy, Alsiyabi Developments continues to grow by multiplying the riches of Oman.

With its focus on establishing long-term relationships with its customers, Al Siyabi Development has always been one of Oman’s most reliable and highest quality companies. It has always taken steps to improve both itself and the sector.