Architecture and Engineering Consultancy


We balance every project’s unique circumstances and expected use to create an appealing facility design. Our architects work closely with owners, engineers and construction professionals to create comprehensive design solutions. The deep collaboration not only serves the project’s functional requirements, but also maximizes the project’s aesthetics and enhances the end-user’s experience.


We are dedicated to engineering excellence, delivering quality, safe, reliable and context-sensitive engineering and design solutions that meet our client’s requirements and provide long-term benefits to communities and the environment. Our team of professionals includes civil, structural, geotechnical, hydraulic, mechanical and electrical engineers with experience in design-bid-build and design-build projects around the globe.

Urban Planning:

Amro Consultancy’s urban planning and landscape design practice is a logical extension of our architecture, civil and site design practice areas. Because we believe in comprehensive and sustainable design of the built and natural environments, urban planning and landscape design enables us to address our client’s needs at city and regional scale. Discrete buildings, sites and transit corridors are often interconnected and interdependent. Therefore, we strive to build communities, not just projects.


Our experienced staff provides full scope project management and inspection services for all types of projects. From design development through project closeout, we work as a part of an integrated team, providing cost-effective and functional solutions. We carefully plan and tailor the scope for each management assignment specifically for our clients and their project needs.